Pool: RedTire Program Finance Analyst - 11672BR

Pool: RedTire Program Finance Analyst

University of Kansas - Lawrence
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Position Overview

The dual objectives of the role is to firstly, provide assistance to the RedTire Program Manager and the Director of Entrepreneurship programs in delivering quality business and technical consulting assistance to RedTire clients and Catalyst candidates. Secondly, the aim of the role is to provide the incumbent with an excellent experiential learning opportunity of ‘live real-world’ case scenarios where the aim is to successfully help a business owner to redefine their retirement, provide them with an exit strategy and help a new younger owner acquire their own business.

This intern will receive the benefit of:
• Applying academic valuation techniques to a live company and learning other small business valuation techniques that are not generally taught in the academic accounting or finance classroom.
• Obtaining direct experience and insight into how to finance a deal and how to negotiate deal terms.
• Gaining valuable experience in dealing with project related work; especially with direct client liaison and with presenting and discussing model outcomes.
• Assisting in taking a RedTire business deal from the initial contact right through to closing the deal.

Job Description

The KU School of Business is hiring for a student hourly position. Job duties include (but are not limited to):

• Assist with day-to-day administration of RedTire (deal with applicant calls/meetings, administrative tasks, help prepare applicant reports, etc.)
• Help generate business candidates for inclusion in the program by assessing viability and sustainability.
• Extrapolate raw financial data (from tax returns and company P&L’s) into RedTire valuation models.
• Help with industry, location and market research initiatives.
• Other ad-hoc financial analysis duties as required to successfully maintain the day-to-day operations of the program.
• Lead business valuation analyses using established models.

Required Qualifications

1. Academic background should show that the person has a basic knowledge and understanding of accounting procedures and financial analysis.
2. Experience with MS Word, MS Excel.
3. Must be current KU Business student, enrolled in at least 6 credit hours.
**As evidenced in application materials**
4. Strong interpersonal and written communication skills
5. Demonstrated ability to multi-task and prioritize assignments dependent on most pressing issue.
6. Must be detail-orientated and methodical in analyzing data (like tax information).
7. The candidate should display an entrepreneurial mindset to help create program success.

Preferred Qualifications

Prefer business undergraduate, MACC or MBA student (with finance or accounting tracks)

Additional Candidate Instructions

A complete application will include an online application and resume. Apply online and submit a letter describing your qualifications for this position. Only complete applications will be considered.

Application review date: 4/19/2018

Pool - hiring will be ongoing

Contact Information to Applicants

Denton Zeeman

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