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POOL - Temporary Field Technician Specialist

Kansas Geological Survey
University of Kansas - Lawrence
Employee Class: 
U-Unclassified Professional Staff

Position Overview

SALARY, EMPLOYMENT STATUS, AND FRINGE BENEFITS: $15.00 per hour. This is a temporary position with intermittent work availability. Limited to 999 hours per calendar year. Temporary positions do not include benefits.

Exploration Services develops and uses several techniques to provide information about the subsurface, working to come up with less expensive, less invasive methods of providing images of the underground. This includes innovative methods of high resolution shallow seismic reflection. The section also provides drilling in support of water, petroleum, and basic subsurface research. An active program in the maintenance and rehabilitation of wells drilled by the Kansas Geological Survey is also part of this section.
This section also runs a program designed to monitor changes and identify regional trends in the High Plains, Dakota, and alluvial aquifers. The Water Well Project annually measures about 1,380 wells in 47 central and western Kansas counties.
In addition, as part of their work, this section has developed WinSeis and SurfSeis software for processing data generated by seismic reflection and for monitoring wells in Kansas.

KANSAS GEOLOGICAL SURVEY: A research and service division of the University of Kansas, the Kansas Geological Survey studies the geology of Kansas, develops new techniques for exploring and analyzing geologic data, and produces and disseminates maps, reports, and scientific papers. The KGS, created in 1889, now has an annual state budget of approximately $6 million and employs more than 90 people, including scientific researchers, technical support staff, and students, engaged in a variety of disciplines, including geology, geophysics, energy resources, geohydrology, stratigraphy, geoarchaeology, GIS and computer science, and public outreach. In addition to core and data repositories at its headquarters in Lawrence, the KGS operates a well-sample library in Wichita that is a repository for rock samples from oil and gas wells drilled in the state.

The KGS is organized into four research sections--energy research, geohydrology, geophysical exploration, and stratigraphic research--and a number of service sections. KGS researchers have available a variety of tools and equipment for the applied geosciences, including a state-of-the-art shallow seismic-reflection system, ground-penetrating radar, a direct-push unit and instrumentation, three drill rigs, well-logging unit, a wellbore camera system, a distributed temperature sensing system, and electromagnetometers, as well as a rock-preparation lab and an analytical chemistry lab. Technical support includes editing, publishing, and cartographic services and full-service support for a diverse array of computing platforms and software, GIS, and web applications. The KGS also houses and operates the Kansas Data Access and Support Center, an important source of state geospatial data. Further information about KGS activities can be found at www.kgs.ku.edu.

Job Description

Intermittent temporary field and shop work to assist drill and seismic crews on exploration drilling and seismic projects, travel is required.

50% Assist drill and seismic crew on exploration-drilling and seismic projects being conducted throughout Kansas and possibly outside Kansas. Assist with maintenance of equipment and operation of vehicles. Load and unload cement, drill mud, drill stem, well casing, etc. Assist with set up and drilling of test wells, handle well casing and drill stem, and clean-up of drilling equipment, restoration of drill site at completion of project.

40% Collect core samples as directed by geologist in charge of research project. Assist in preparing and processing lithologic samples for use and storage, and may include assisting with pumping test and preparation of maps, tables, charts, records etc. Assist seismic field crew planting geophones and laying seismic cable.

10% Assist in maintenance and upkeep of storage facilities and other duties as directed by the supervisor.

Required Qualifications

  1. Previous experience working outdoors.

1. Class "C" driver's license at onset of employment.
2. Physical ability to repetitively lift heavy items such as cement sacks, etc., & to work outdoors in typical Kansas summer weather.
3. Capability to be away from Lawrence for one or more weeks.

Preferred Qualifications

  1. Good to Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  2. Experience in fieldwork such as drilling, surveying,
    farmhand or construction.
  3. Experience with heavy vehicle maintenance and
  4. Experience driving heavy trucks (>25,000 lbs) and
    vehicles pulling trailers.

Additional Candidate Instructions

Special Application Instructions: Complete the Unclassified Professional Staff Application. Upload a resume. Cover letter is welcome but not required. Provide work references.

Employment Classification: Unclassified Professional Staff. This is a temporary position with intermittent work availability. Limited to 999 hours per calendar year. Temporary positions do not include benefits.

Review: Applications are accepted throughout the year and will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Positions will be filled as needed.

Contact Information to Applicants

Annette Delaney
Kansas Geological Survey
Human Resources

Advertised Salary Range

$15 per hour

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Kansas Geological Survey
University of Kansas - Lawrence
Employee Class:
U-Unclassified Professional Staff
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