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Research Project Coordinator

Achievement & Assessment Inst
University of Kansas - Lawrence
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U-Unclassified Professional Staff

Position Overview

The Center for Public Partnerships and Research (CPPR) seeks a full-time Research Project Coordinator to provide implementation support and technical assistance to state and local partners using DAISEY, a web-based shared measurement and data collection system, and to serve as an internal MIECHV content area expert. Work includes general project management (coordinating work to meet deadlines and managing workflow), communicating with internal and external partners, meeting facilitation, drafting agendas, attending webinars and taking organized notes, and providing DAISEY user-support. This position is internally referred to as ‘DAISEY Initiative Coordinator’.

Under general supervision of Initiative Leads, this position will coordinate multiple DAISEY initiatives, and interface with state-level funders and local-level DAISEY users for those initiatives. This position will be part of the team supporting the DAISEY application and its users. This team is comprised of initiative coordinators (including this position), application managers (who oversee tech and programming), data analytics and informatics staff, and helpdesk staff. The role of DAISEY initiative coordinators on this team is to have an in-depth understanding of each initiative they’re responsible for, laisse with initiative-funders, track deadlines, gather requirements for and approval of contract deliverables, and provide a basic to intermediate level of technical assistance to DAISEY users. A successful applicant will work both independently and collaboratively with the rest of the DAISEY Team, and demonstrate strong judgement about who to inform and/or consult with about which project activities, and when it is appropriate to do so.

This position will also develop deep knowledge and understanding of both federal and state requirements regarding data collection for home visiting initiatives. Related tasks will include developing and maintaining detailed documentation of data collection and benchmark plans for Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, and Wisconsin MIECHV benchmark plans and performance requirements; receiving and distributing notes and translated content related to federal/state communication regarding data collection for home visiting in published HRSA requirements, supplemental information requests (SIR), other federal guidance, and technical assistance content.

CPPR specializes in research and evaluation, data science projects, and social innovation work that supports our mission to optimize the well-being of children, youth, and families. CPPR primarily pursues its mission by assisting partners, including state-level and community based organizations, in their work to secure funding, bring key stakeholders to the table, orchestrate large-scale data efforts, and conduct research, and evaluation. We are looking for individuals who are passionate about impacting social change for good. The person in this position will play a critical role on the DAISEY team by providing high-quality customer service to funders and DAISEY users, and ensuring that appropriate information is gathered and disseminated within the DAISEY team and with external partners. The successful applicant should have prior project management experience and experience communicating with a variety of stakeholders. Experience working on issues related to children and families is helpful, as is experience analyzing data and/or conducting research. This position is contingent upon funding.

Job Description

50% - DAISEY Initiative Coordination
  • Develop mastery of the features, functions, internal management, and user interface of the DAISEY web-based application that is a key component of this job.
  • Develop mastery of the DAISEY implementation approach, components, and partner management activities and skills by creating and carrying out a clear implementation plan, timeline and tasks.
  • Develop strategy for DAISEY initiative deliverables, ensuring that they meet the goals and objectives of the funder and reduce burden of effort on local partners.
  • Track progress and internally coordinate all DAISEY initiative deliverables, work plan, and timelines to ensure completion of work.
  • Develop concrete plans and approaches for carrying out workplans and activities, gather feedback from internal staff and partners on those plans and approaches, refine plans and approaches accordingly.
  • Manage schedules and scheduling across projects to ensure alignment and timely completion of work and communication activities, create agendas, facilitate meetings, and keep clear notes.
  • Provide DAISEY user training, report training, and training on how to understand and use DAISEY to improve practice for users.
  • Develop best practice guides, policies and procedures for program providers who use DAISEY to ensure data quality, practice improvement, and data use.

25% - Early Childhood Content Expertise Development and Application
  • Participate in federal or state calls, webinars, or local meetings related to early childhood home visitation services and models, performance benchmarks, evaluation, continuous quality improvement, and data collection.
  • Translate early childhood and maternal/child health content across all center staff and teams about relevant federal and state activities or best practices that may impact other related work.
  • Prepare recommendations, materials, reports, or summaries of data, information, or best practices to assist partners and local nonprofits in understanding how to deliver services or improve data quality and practice.
  • Updated literature review and understanding of the latest research related to home visitation evaluation, practice, and impact to provide guidance and recommendations to internal and external teams.

20% - Report Preparation and Information Dissemination
  • Prepare reports and progress updates for DAISEY initiatives by tracking progress, reviewing information and data, and synthesizing it clearly and concisely.
  • Prepare and deliver presentations related to project activities by creating content, clearly articulating goals of the presentation, and ensuring information is presented in clear language.
  • Participate in the publications, presentations, and other strategies to disseminate project work and impact to a regional/national audience.
  • Represent DAISEY and CPPR at relevant meetings, conferences, and webinars by creating a learning agenda, attending sessions, synthesizing information, and applying it in daily work.
  • Synthesize and convey complex ideas into clear, compelling and varied communications, including reviewing data, research, best practices, and other materials to translate to all audiences.

5% - Other duties as assigned

Required Qualifications

1. Bachelor's degree in a related field and 1 year of experience in field of study.
2. Excellent written communication skills as demonstrated through application materials.
3. Demonstrated project management experience and working in a team and with other partners based on previous work experience.
4. Demonstrated ability to communicate information clearly and effectively with various types of stakeholders based on previous work experience.

Preferred Qualifications

1. Master's degree in Education, Psychology, Social Welfare, Sociology or related field.
2. Two or more years of prior experience as a project coordinator, project manager, or nonprofit administrator creating workplans, timelines, and managing internal and external partnerships
3. Experience with implementing, managing, and/or providing technical assistance for data initiatives.
4. Experience creating, authoring, or developing reports, articles, white papers, presentations of information, research, or findings
5. Excellent organizational skills and the ability to exercise initiative when necessary and appropriate.

Additional Candidate Instructions

A complete application includes an online application, cover letter, resume highlighting pertinent experience relative to the required and preferred qualifications and contact information for three professional references. Only complete applications will be considered. Review of applications begins on August 7, 2020.

Contact Information to Applicants

Virginia Musser

Advertised Salary Range

Minimum $44,105

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