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Financial Services
University of Kansas Lawrence Campus
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U-Unclassified Professional Staff

Position Overview

This professional accounting position has major responsibilities managing contractual relations for student sponsorships and assessing international student scholarship taxation. This individual is accountable for the research and analysis of student sponsorship data from a variety of sources and application of the payments within our student, financial and reporting systems. This individual is required to extensively utilize Excel and database query, coordinate projects, and develop and prepare reports utilizing a variety of software systems. Federal and State laws, The University of Kansas policies, NCAA and departmental procedures must be followed. The employee is expected to provide quality customer service, exercise good judgment, have a high degree of concentration, planning and coordination to perform functions of their position and achieve accurate and timely results.

This individual must actively interact with other Student Accounts and Receivables team members, financial department colleagues and other staff by offering support and cross training of duties.

Job Description

50% Student Account Sponsorship Functions
Sponsors may include foreign embassies, federal agencies, state agencies, corporations, military and university departments. Provides sponsor status reports to management. Review and update sponsorship forms as needed.

Communicate by various means with sponsors to request updated sponsor information, discuss student authorizations, sponsorship updates and deadlines, and other necessary information.

The position is also required to assist KU Financial Aid and Scholarship office (FAS) with outside scholarships. The individual will apply scholarships to student accounts, send information to FAS regarding scholarships received in our office, coordinate donor refunds and answer student questions pertaining to the outside scholarships.

The employee will establish sponsorship organizations and contracts in PeopleSoft Student Financials system (SF). Process third party sponsorship authorizations in accordance with student billing and receivables timelines. Evaluate each student account for accuracy prior to establishing sponsorships, process adjustments to the sponsorship, and update the sponsorship account accordingly.

Determine system criteria and request system billing jobs from KU IT Production Control to prepare and send third party sponsor billings. Manage additional auxiliary sponsor invoicing systems. Process third party payments onto sponsor accounts, monitor the sponsored balances to verify that all charges have been paid and provide collection efforts on all outstanding amounts.

Initiate reallocation and/or refunding of excess sponsor funds by verifying amounts and validity of transactions and initiation of refund vouchers.

Remove sponsorships when canceled and/or delinquent. Communicate sponsorship reversal to student and sponsor. Provides sponsor status reports to management. Review and update sponsorship forms as needed.

25% Chapter 33 VA Benefits Liaison

This position serves as the Chapter 33 VA Benefits Liaison. The requires keeping records of the Chapter 33 GI bill payments received by KU, review of the accounts of the recipients of the VA payments, extensive communication with the School Certifying Official staff in the KU Registrar’s Office regarding incoming payment wires. The employee prepares payment file for cashier to apply Chapter 33 GI Bill payments to student accounts, Initiates and tracks Chapter 33 VA school debt refunds and answers questions regarding VA payments.

5% International Student Taxation

The position requires analysis of scholarships/fellowships/grants to be given to international students to determine if any portion of students’ awards are taxable. The employee will set up the students’ access with the KU’s Non-Resident Alien (NRA) tax compliance software, Glacier, and request required documents from the students. This employee is required to review and thoroughly understand the Glacier software's reporting output that details the student's correct tax status.

This position will authorize the withholding of federal and state taxes on students accounts who are deemed to have non-qualified scholarships. This employee will maintain appropriate documentation and files on each taxable international student who is receiving a scholarship, fellowship or grant. They will communicate with Financial Aid & Scholarships (FAS) and International Student Services (ISS) frequently on scholarship/fellowship/grant status, and work with payroll and accounts payable departments regarding international student documentation.

The position is required to complete and disburse various documents (DA-NRA) and submit along with payments by semester to the Kansas Department of Administration Accounts and Reports to avoid penalties to the University and so they can prepare 1042-S for student distribution. The employee will communicate with Accounts and Reports regarding student tax questions or issues as needed.
The position will comply with Federal regulations by maintaining detailed files with appropriate documents with all necessary signatures.

5% Cashiering Duties

The employee is expected to assist with office cashiering duties which include opening and closing cashiering, balance daily activity, and help with identifying and resolving discrepancies. All responsibilities are performed with dual controls. Included tasks include bank “drop box” receipts; recording contents and preparation of the departmental deposits utilizing prescribed deposit processes and procedures.

15% Administrative and Other Office Functions

The employee is expected to perform the following assignments in addition to the major job duties:
  • Perform back up job duties in the absence of staff as designated by the management
  • Complete miscellaneous projects and analysis
  • Engage in student and financial system testing as required
  • Assist with orientation session providing Student Account information as required
  • Interpret, follow and comply with Federal, State, Industry laws and regulations as well as
  • Assist with imaging of office documents and train staff on use of image software
  • University policy and procedures
  • Provide excellent customer service both written and verbal
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Position Requirements

  • This position is a combination of on-site and remote work

Required Qualifications

  1. Bachelor's degree in related field and (1) year of related experience OR an Associate's degree and (3) years of related experience.
  2. Two (2) years of experience with financial procedures including the analysis detection and reconciliation of financial records.
  3. As evidenced in application materials: Minimum of one (1) year of experience using an automated accounting and financial reporting system.
  4. As evidenced in application materials: Minimum of one (1) year of experience using MS Excel

Preferred Qualifications

As evidenced in application materials:
  1. Proficient/high level user of MS Excel and database management including creating/development use of formulas, pivot tables, data manipulation and charts.
  2. Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  3. Demonstrated or analytical applications and skills.
  4. Higher Education and Fund Accounting experience.
  5. Customer service experience.

Additional Candidate Instructions

A complete application consists of:

A cover letter addressing how required qualifications are met
3 Professional References

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Application review will begin Monday, April 18th, 2022 and will remain open until a qualified pool of candidates has been identified.

Contact Information to Applicants

Advertised Salary Range

$42,000- $46,000

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