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Analytical Research Assistant

Ctr Enviro Benefical Catalysis
University of Kansas Lawrence Campus
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Position Overview

We seek research assistant to aid in the routine analysis of reaction samples using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Following a standard operating procedure, the research assistant will organize and load samples into the HPLC autosampler and carry out the analysis. Using the instrument software, the research assistant will review and quantify the results, logging the information into a laboratory notebook and preparing a summary report for the other project team members. The research assistant will also properly label and store samples post-analysis.
In order to keep up with the project’s timely analytical demands, the position requires presence at CEBC laboratory most weekdays during the summer. Weekly total hours may vary based on project needs but are expected to be at least 20 hours most weeks, and may reach as high as 40 hours.
The research assistant is expected to learn and follow all relevant CEBC and KU-EHS safety procedures. This position is part of a company-sponsored research project, so confidentiality of project information is required.

Job Description

  • Prepare and analyze samples using HPLC chromatography (40%)
  • Review HPLC results and generate summary report in excel and laboratory notebook (40%)
  • Maintain a clean and safe laboratory workspace (10%)
  • Participate in research team meetings (10%)

Required Qualifications

  • Undergraduate or graduate student in good academic standing, pursuing a degree in natural sciences or engineering
  • Laboratory experience through coursework, research, or employment
  • Availability to work at least 20 hours/week at off-campus location (1501 Wakarusa)
**During the semester term of the appointment, the student hourly must be enrolled in no fewer than 6 credit hours. For summer periods the student hourly must: 1) have been enrolled in no less than 6 hours in the past spring semester or 2) be pre-enrolled in upcoming fall semester in no less than 6 hours or 3) be enrolled in summer session or 4) be admitted to study in the upcoming fall semester. Student Hourlies may be undergraduate or graduate students.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Junior or Senior or Graduate Student in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering
  • Prior experience using HPLC and quantifying results
  • Experience developing or optimizing chromatographic separation methods

Additional Candidate Instructions

A complete application consists of the online application, cover letter, and resume. Only complete applications will be considered.

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Work Schedule

M-F, flexible hours

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Ctr Enviro Benefical Catalysis
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