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Assistant Programmer

Biodiversity Institute
University of Kansas Lawrence Campus
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Job Description

Jump in with the Biodiversity Institute Specify Software team ( to take on various programming projects as part of an engaged, supportive, and friendly workgroup of professional software engineers, students. and museum scientists. Software projects are varied and will be designed to first take advantage of existing skills and experience. They will definitely build career-valuable expertise. You will learn modern, practical, data science methods and software engineering techniques in this position by creating code that has a real-world, environmental research impact. Tasks might include converting data from older databases to newer schemas, designing and coding new features for our Specify software, or coding associated with web application user interface design, security, descriptive database statistics, or for API-based network integration. No previous biological research or museum experience is needed. We will bring you up to speed with biodiversity informatics as a science and with our mission to provide global software to document the world’s plant and animal species. Our student teammates rave about their time working with us. If you think you are smart, creative, perceptive, and focused, you will too.

Required Qualifications

  1. Must have some experience, or be motivated to learn, the setup and use of relational data management tools, SQL scripts, and programming languages with database systems.
  2. Must be enthused about open-source software development on Linux, Mac, or Windows workstations.
  3. Must have some exposure to software development with 1 or 2 languages.
  4. Must be focused, perceptive and attentive to detail.
  5. Must be motivated to solve problems, like debugging code.
  6. Must be able to communicate work issues clearly and freely.
  7. Must enjoy learning new things.
  8. Must be available to work a steady, personalized schedule on campus in Dyche Hall (Natural History Museum) between the hours of 8-5 M-F, with flexibility for rescheduling and accommodating issues outside of work when they arise. During academic semesters we are looking for a 14-20 hour/week commitment, up to 40 hours/week during breaks and summer.

**During the semester term of the appointment, the student hourly must be enrolled in no fewer than 6 credit hours. For summer periods the student hourly must: 1) have been enrolled in no less than 6 hours in the past spring semester or 2) be pre-enrolled in upcoming fall semester in no less than 6 hours or 3) be enrolled in summer session or 4) be admitted to study in the upcoming fall semester. Student Hourlies may be undergraduate or graduate students.

Preferred Qualifications

  1. Experience with research computing in any science or technology field.
  2. Junior developer level competency with 2 or more software languages, ideally Python or Javascript
  3. Familiarity with software engineering tools and methods
  4. Previous work with relational databases, data management, or data analysis

Additional Candidate Instructions

Resume, Cover Letter (optional)

Contact Information to Applicants

Aimee Stewart,

Advertised Salary Range


Work Schedule

20 hours during semester, up to 40 summers

Anticipated Start Date


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Biodiversity Institute
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