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Latin Amer & Caribbean Studies
University of Kansas Lawrence Campus
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Position Overview

The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies invites qualified scholars and professionals to make application for part-time temporary and/or regular lecturer and/or online lecturer positions for the development and/or instruction of Latin American studies and language courses.

Lecturers are non-tenure-track members of the faculty. Positions vary and are dependent upon the need, if any, each semester for development and/or instruction of course(s). Primary role is instruction with no obligations to perform research or service. The appointment dates will vary based on the type of lecturer appointment and the timeframe for the preparation and instruction of the online course(s).

Application materials will be reviewed by the faculty and placed in a pool for consideration for developing and/or teaching undergraduate or graduate courses in economics consistent with departmental instructional needs.

The successful candidate must have appropriate authorization to work in the U.S. before employment begins.

Job Description

This lecturer position is to teach one of the following:
  1. Language classes in a less- commonly-taught indigenous Latin American language (e.g. Quechua, Ch’orti’ Maya, Guarani, Tlapanec, Yucatec, Bri Bri). The position requires the lecturer to teach first and /or second year languages classes in small tutorial classes (<5 students) and /or to develop the classes into fully online offerings for future semesters.
  2. Language courses in specialized fields, e.g. Medical Spanish or Portuguese, Legal Spanish or Portuguese. This position requires the lecturer to teach classes in person and/or online. Lectures in general Spanish or Portuguese instruction without background in a specialized field (medical, legal, business) are not needed at this time.
  3. Latin American Studies courses in the following specialized fields: business, medicine, education, law, social work, political science, foreign policy, or NGOs in Latin America.. We do not need courses in history, culture, or literature at this time. This position requires the lecturer to teach classes in person and/or online.

100% - Regular Lecturer / Online Lecturer Duties:
Teach 1-2 undergraduate courses per semester. Language instructors teach first- and second-year language and culture, with independent tutorial courses to take the place of classes as necessary. Lecturers for specialized Latin American content courses (non-anguage) teach courses in a specialized area of expertise, including business, medicine, education, law, social work, political science, foreign policy, or NGOs. All Instructors: develop fully online language courses and course materials.
  • Develop a complete, detailed syllabus and post online before the beginning of the semester.
  • Develop assignments, administer tests, evaluate student work, provide feedback to students, and assign grades. Make all assignments readily available for students in a timely manner. Grade assignments promptly and give sufficient feedback to students for future improvement.
  • Hold regular office hours for students involved in classes taught. A minimum of three posted office hours each week is required. These office hours should be divided over at least two different weekdays.
  • Provide timely and prompt responses for student email inquiries.
  • Be available for reasonable scheduling of appointments if a student cannot meet during scheduled office hours.
  • Develop online courses working closely with the Center for Online and Distance Learning.
  • Adhere to all departmental, college and university policies.

Required Qualifications

Evaluation of the following requirements will be made through (1) descriptions of work experience and educational experiences in letter of application, (2) record of accomplishments and productivity addressed in c.v., and (3) information provided from professional references.

For Language Instruction:
  1. Master’s level degree in the language being taught, OR PhD degree in relevant area with research / field experience in the language, OR bachelor's degree and two years of experience teaching the language at a post-secondary level
  2. Demonstrated fluency in language being taught
  3. Demonstrable knowledge of the culture where the specific language is primarily used
  4. If the language is Spanish or Portuguese, documented background / expertise in one of the required specialized fields: business, medicine, education, law, social work, political science, foreign policy, or NGOs.

Non-Language Instruction (e.g. history, politics, economics, etc.):
  1. Master's level degree in relevant area for teaching undergraduate courses; OR for teaching graduate courses, a PhD in relevant area.
  2. Demonstration of knowledge of the course area of interest.
  3. Evidence of ability to teach the topic-specific course.

Preferred Qualifications

  1. Native command of the language
  2. Record of strong college or relevant K-12 teaching experience
  3. Experience with instructional technology

Additional Candidate Instructions

A complete application will include a letter of application, a vitae detailing specific subject areas the applicant is qualified to teach and/or develop, and the names and contact information for three professional references.

Review of applications will begin on May 30th, and will continue on a revolving basis as class needs arise.

Contact Information to Applicants

Marta Caminero-Santangelo
Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
320 Bailey Hall, 1440 Jayhawk Blvd
University of Kansas
Lawrence KS 66045
785 864-1126

Advertised Salary Range

$5,000 per fully enrolled (12 students minimum) course; low enrolled courses will pay at a lower rate.

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