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Police Officer

Public Safety Office
University of Kansas Lawrence Campus
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B-University Support Staff

Position Overview

University Police Officers perform commissioned law enforcement work with full authority under applicable law. Those who do not have certification as a law enforcement officer in Kansas will be sent to the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center to complete the required training. Police Officers regularly conduct criminal investigations, perform searches and seizures, arrest offenders, present criminal cases to prosecutors for prosecution into district and municipal courts, respond to medical and other emergencies, write moving traffic violations and assist other local law enforcement agencies. Further duties are outlined in the responsibilities section.

Departmental tours are available to those wanting to learn more about the Public Safety Office at KU. Contact Interim Deputy Chief Damon Tucker at 785-864-5909.

The University of Kansas is committed to maintaining a community which recognizes and values the inherent worth and dignity of every person; fosters tolerance, sensitivity, understanding, and mutual respect among its members. Women and under-represented group members are encouraged to apply for University Police Officer positions.

Police officers will receive a one percent (1%) pay raise starting in their first full pay period after completion of probation. Additional pay increases may be available in FY2021 – 2023. The KU Public Safety Office offers opportunities for promotion within the department.

In addition to a competitive salary, the University of Kansas offers great benefits to employees such as paid vacation, sick leave, ten paid holidays plus one discretionary day, a retirement program, medical and dental insurance, life and disability insurance, other benefit plan options and State of Kansas discounts offered by various vendors. KU also offers employees educational and professional development opportunities. KU is a fantastic place to work!

Job Description

30% - Patrols, on foot or by vehicle, assigned areas for signs of trouble and responds with action appropriate to the situation. Considers circumstances of an observed or suspected violation of law and determines whether to initiate an investigation, a search, an arrest, or any other applicable action. Becomes involved in investigations, testifies in court, and confers with other law enforcement agencies. Collects, analyzes and verifies information from interviews with persons involved. Assesses consistency and value of information received. Makes notifications as indicated or needed. Locates, collects, handles and preserves physical evidence. Interviews complainants, witnesses and suspects. Directs and controls traffic flow and pedestrian movement on campus. Patrols streets and enforces traffic ordinances and laws, issuing traffic citations for moving traffic violations into municipal and district courts as appropriate. Enforcement of traffic laws may involve multi-tasking to include driving a vehicle at higher speeds while reading car registration plates; relaying that and other pertinent information on the radio; receiving and monitoring radio traffic; and positioning vehicles to provide for officer, violator and public safety. Manages accident scenes by controlling traffic flow, which may include directly traffic for extended periods of time in extreme weather and holding safety equip.,(i.e. traffic wands)while indicating traffic patterns with arms extended at shoulder height; investigating the cause, which may include photographing and/or sketching diagrams of the scene; and taking appropriate enforcement action. Reports hazardous conditions.

25% - Completes written reports in compliance with department procedures. Determines the necessity of report(s) and completes them promptly using the appropriate report forms. Initiates follow-up reports when a case requires further investigation. When applicable, marks and packages evidence and ensure that it is properly documented and stored for later examination or court presentation. Reports are to be well organized with narration given in chronological order; concisely written by including all pertinent or required information; easy-to-understand using neat and legible handwriting; and written with correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and word use.

10% - Apprehends and/or arrests violators of the law, exercising care to ensure legal and constitutional soundness which may involve pursuing a suspect on foot in extreme climates over hilly terrain or obstacles and/or restraining combative individuals. Takes suspects into custody and completes the booking process. Adheres to the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, state laws, city ordinances, departmental rules and regulations, law enforcement code of ethics and general principles of police work when making an arrest. Appears and testifies as a professional witness when summoned.

10% - Responds to emergency situations, which may involve extreme physical exertion such as running up flights of stairs and carrying necessary equipment; makes immediate decisions based on known facts; initiates immediate action to gain control of the situation; renders necessary aid; and interviews all parties involved. Operates emergency vehicle safely and within the guidelines established by the department, which could involve driving at high speeds while relaying and receiving pertinent information over excessive background noise. Exercises all appropriate caution to ensure safety of all concerned and minimum property damage whenever feasible. Renders aid and assistance to citizens and motorists whenever appropriate.

10% - Establishes and maintains professional contact with University employees, residents and others common to patrol district to obtain cooperation and favorable attitude in the maintenance of order and effective police protection. Uses a variety of communications skills and special techniques when contacting members of the community who may include groups with beliefs contrary to those of the officer. Also persons who may be emotionally excited; as well as people with varied cultural and educational backgrounds in order to maintain control of situations/interviews while avoiding negative consequences such as, escalating a potentially explosive situation; making unsubstantiated accusations or innuendoes; and/or unnecessarily alarming individuals. Provides information about police policies, procedures and techniques as they affect the public. Presents a professional demeanor in accordance with law enforcement code of ethics and a well-groomed appearance in compliance with departmental rules and regulations. Maintains good relations with other law enforcement agencies.

5% - Develops skills and proficiency in the use of all equipment to include firearms, batons, handcuffs and vehicles. Maintains safe care and control of authorized equipment and vehicles. Keeps all issued equipment readily available and in good repair. Reports all equipment needs to supervisor as those needs arise.

5% - Maintains annual law enforcement officer certification as required by state statute. Qualifies with duty weapons per department policy. Attends all required departmental training and utilizes such training to its fullest extent. Keeps up-to-date on all legal changes and on all departmental activities affecting the proper discharge of duties. Complies with all laws, rules, regulations, code of ethics and procedures applying to the law enforcement profession. Maintains certification in first aid principles and is skilled in their application.

5% - Carries out required and appropriate duties when assigned often with short notice and could involve adverse weather conditions and extended hours. May be required to supervise others in a limited capacity as the situation demands. May be assigned to work special investigations on a temporary basis as deemed necessary by the department. Performs surveillance operations sometimes in extreme weather and/or extended periods of time without relief.

Position Requirements

  1. Must be age 21 within 3 months of hire.
  2. Must be U.S. citizen
  3. Must be able to obtain an unrestricted Kansas driver's license (corrected vision acceptable)
  4. Must be free of convictions, expunged convictions, and diversions for any misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence or their equivalent under the uniform code of military justice imposed by any state or federal government (KSA 74-5605).
  5. Must be free of convictions, expunged convictions, and diversions for any crimes which are a felony or its equivalent under the uniform code of military justice imposed by any state or federal government (KSA 74-5605).
  6. Must submit to and successfully complete a police officer selection test, physical and psychological testing, and drug screen
  7. Must be in compliance with the KU Public Safety Office policies and procedures regarding intentional body alterations. For additional information, contact Sandy Patchen at 785-864-5901.
  8. Must qualify biannually with duty weapon
  9. Must be able to perform all the essential job functions and not pose a direct threat to the health and safety of self or others
  10. Maintain excellent physical condition

Required Qualifications

  1. High school diploma or completion of a G.E.D. equivalency
  2. Certified or ability to be certified as a law enforcement officer by the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center

Preferred Qualifications

  1. Commissioned law enforcement experience as a certified police officer
  2. Significant progress towards/or achievement of an associate's degree or higher in administration of justice, criminal justice or a closely related field.

Additional Candidate Instructions

A complete application includes the following:
  • Online application form
  • Cover letter
  • Resume.

Review Date: Initial application review can begin Wednesday, February 15, 2023. Applications will be reviewed as submitted and applicants will be contacted as positions become available.

Specific Detailed Application Instructions for this position:

Please fill out the online application and attach a cover letter and resume. Please upload the cover letter and resume on the first page of the online application.

Contact Information to Applicants

Sandy Patchen

Advertised Salary Range

$22.83 - $24.00/hr, commensurate with experience. One percent (1%) pay raise at completion of probation period.

Work Schedule

Initially for training, M-F, 8-5; Will work shifts that include days, evenings, over the midnight hours, weekends, holidays

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