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Pool: Standardized Patient

Pharmacy Practice
University of Kansas Lawrence Campus
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U-Unclassified Professional Staff

Position Overview

A "Standardized Patient" (SP) within the University of Kansas School of Pharmacy (KU SOP) is a person who has been trained to portray all of the characteristics of a real patient, family member, or clinical team member in order to provide an opportunity for a pharmacy student to learn, or be evaluated, on clinical skill performance. During teaching or assessment activities SPs may be interviewed, counseled, or physically examined (examples include blood pressure assessments, foot exams, simulated finger sticks for blood testing) by students as part of the learning environment. Additionally SPs lead student reflections after the encounters and are trained to provide verbal and/or written feedback, especially with regard to communication and interpersonal skills. SPs may be audio or videotaped during simulation.

The Performance Assessment Program of the School of Pharmacy needs an available applicant pool of persons from different races, ages and genders who are selected for specified cases. SPs will work on an as-needed basis with advance notice during the academic year. Number of hours will vary by assignment and programmatic needs. Those seeking regularly scheduled part-time work should note that this position will work "occasionally" and not consistently. The work is not weekly and would not compare favorably in total annual hours with regular part-time work.

Job Description

The following duties and responsibilities are all essential job functions, as defined by the ADA, except for those that begin with the word "may”. The basic function of a Standardized Patient is to simulate medical scenarios or cases with students/learners in teaching and assessment activities. SPs will be instructed and trained by an assigned SP Trainer for a given project. During teaching or assessment activities SPs should expect that the learner may interview, counsel and/or physically examine them.

The duties shall include the following:
  • Simulate all aspects of scenarios, including history of current problem, affect/behavior and physical findings, in a standardized, accurate, and reliable manner
  • Work in a professional manner when interacting with learners, faculty, simulation specialists, supervisors and peers
  • Be comfortable having repeated physical examination maneuvers performed on self, such as blood pressure measurements
  • Accurately recall and document aspects of learner performance
  • Provide feedback to learners and colleagues in a constructive manner
  • Accurately and consistently complete communication and/or skill checklists
  • Objectively interact with and rate examinees of all backgrounds
  • Accept ongoing feedback from facilitators and incorporate into case simulation
  • Be willing to follow rules and procedures for the exam
  • Be willing to be audio and videotaped during simulations
  • Develop and maintain a positive working relationship with KU SOP personnel
  • Able to work independently, after suitable training and onboarding
  • Responsibly maintain own schedule – reliability and punctuality are essential
  • Respond in a timely manner to communications from KU personnel
30% - Observe and document learner actions in staged professional encounters
30% - Represent specific patient or health care roles
30% - Lead participants to reflect on encounters using a student-reflective interview technique
10% - Other duties as assigned (e.g. administrative assistance, quality assurance, floor managing)

Required Qualifications

1. Experience in the field of education or portraying an assumed role (e.g., previous SP work, former faculty, performed in theater productions, public speaking, teaching, related volunteer experiences, training or instructing adult learners, etc.).
2. High School Diploma or equivalent.
3. Willingness to portray another person effectively and consistently in a standardized way.
4. Be comfortable having repeated physical examination maneuvers performed on self.
5. Strong reading and writing skills to absorb and use the detailed case training and exam procedural information.
6. Strong communication and interpersonal skills when interacting with learners and other employees.
7. Able to offer availability and be willing to work a varied schedule including mornings, afternoons and early evenings.
8. Have daily access to a computer for email and a willingness to use it regularly to communicate with the program.

Preferred Qualifications

1. Previous Standardized Patient experience
2. Direct teaching or counseling experience
3. Completion of a Bachelors Degree from an accredited university or college

Additional Candidate Instructions

A complete application will consist of the online application and a resume. Only complete applications will be considered.

Special search requirements: Proficiency in observation, case simulation, and leading post-encounter discussions of student's reflections, which will be demonstrated in a standardized case simulation conducted during an interview for the position. A case guide will be provided to applicants prior to interview.

Ongoing review of applications begins 5/23/2022.

Contact Information to Applicants

Jessica Barnes, PharmD
Performance Assessment Coordinator
School of Pharmacy Department of Pharmacy Practice

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