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Student Financial System Analyst

Enrollment Mgmt Services
University of Kansas Lawrence Campus
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U-Unclassified Professional Staff

Position Overview

Student Information Systems reports to the Vice Provost for Enrollment Management which includes the following functional units: Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Office of Graduate Admissions, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Student Information Systems and the Office of the University Registrar.

Student Information Systems (SIS) is responsible for the functional set-up, maintenance and testing of enterprise-wide student systems at the University of Kansas. SIS works with end-users to analyze business practices to determine the best way to meet unit, enrollment management and University goals through efficient, optimal return on investment.

The Student Financials Coordinator in Student Information Systems (SIS) exercises significant leadership, direction and decision-making for the Campus Solutions Student Financials module. This complex module changes annually and is the basis of all student account activity, aging, sponsorship, refunding and collection.

The position supports/participates in the design, modification, testing and implementation of the student financials module. It must follow the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures, federal and state laws based on the University Comptroller’s interpretation. This position also requires an understanding of basic accounting transactions. This position performs work that is analytical, creative, evaluative and advisory in nature. This position is also expected to work with other SIS areas and/or tasks related to the financials module such as Financial Aid Module, Tuition/Fees Assessment and Delegate Administration. This person works directly with the Student Accounts Receivable (SAR) office and KUMC Student Financial Accounting office (SFAO) and Information Technology to identify ways to leverage the technology to support best practices in providing accurate, efficient and quality service to students, faculty and staff impacted by the financials module.

Job Description

45% Maintenance, Setup and Support (@ 18 hours per week)
  1. Serve as the office contact person for the Campus Solutions Student Financial system (SF).
  2. Evaluate and test scenarios and processes for upgrades, self-service mobile module, delegate module, bundles, problem solving and enhancements to Campus Solutions system.
  3. Performs system setup for financial and financials related system tables, as well as other module setup and maintenance as assigned. Consults with developers, other SIS staff, and system users to solve problems and develop increased functionality for users.
  4. Works as Functional Analyst on assigned projects, including prioritizing project needs with IT and SIS Leadership, as well as gathering business requirements for student financials projects. Assist with projects related to Student Financials.
  5. Submit results and recommendations to administration/management of functional offices for desired changes and recommendations to administration/management of functional offices for desired changes and review implementation to production system.
  6. Prepare/maintain documentation for processes, testing and training materials used by departmental staff to train university users.
30% Issue Identification and Resolution (@12 hours per week)
  1. Evaluate incidents determining best solution to problems within the module and for deciding the best course of action to resolve issues and/or to implement new functionality, test various solutions in order to resolve such problems in an orderly, timely and accurate manner to allow for continuous and uninterrupted processing of fiscal information in SF system.
  2. Communicate with SIS staff and developers to coordinate solution resolution.
  3. Make recommendations to approve migrations and fixes to Student Financials system as needed.
  4. Support KUMC Student Financial Accounting Office, KULC Student Account Receivable (SAR) Office, the Student Information System (SIS) Team and the Associate Director of Student Financials.
  5. Responsible for continuous monitoring of Student Financial processes in order to ensure successful completion of transactions.
  6. Responsible for responding to inquiries and reported problems regarding the self-service Mobile and Delegate modules.
  7. Assist and/or provide backup in security support including password reset and updating accounts as needed.
15% Reporting/Auditing (@6 hours per week)
  1. Development of various reports and queries of SF data.
  2. Audits SF account information to compile special financial data and reports as may be requested by supported offices in order to properly report the financial activity.
  3. Development of reports that may be used by SAR and SFAO management to support university financial policies and procedures. Serves as resource staff for other PeopleSoft module development and implementations as requested.
10% Training and Other Duties as Assigned (@4 hours per week)
  1. Trains University staff on SF processes and answers questions relating to the Student Financials module, Online Training, Mobile and Delegate systems.
  2. Assists SAR/SFAO staff with detailed questions and provides helpful support in resolving issues.
  3. Prepare/maintain documentation for processes, testing and training materials used by departmental staff to train university users.
  4. Other duties as assigned.

Required Qualifications

  1. High School Diploma and 4 years of experience testing, analyzing and implementing new processes and procedures with an enterprise software systems -OR- a bachelor's degree in business or a computer related field and 1 year experience testing, analyzing and implementing new processes and procedures with an enterprise software system.
  2. Two years in a state/university accounting/financial related work experience
  3. At least 1 year of experience working in an automated environment requiring regular use of spreadsheets and databases.
  4. Excellent communication skills as evidenced in the application materials.

Preferred Qualifications

  1. Bachelor's degree in financially related field.
  2. Experience in a Comptroller or Student Accounts Receivable office.
  3. Evidence of ability to work under pressure while meeting stated goals and deadlines
  4. Basic view knowledge of App Designer.
  5. Detailed knowledge of the PeopleSoft Student Financials Module.
  6. Detailed knowledge of the business processes and business needs of the Student Accounts Receivable office on the KU Lawrence Campus and Student Financial Accounting office on the KU Medical Center campus.
  7. Strong problem solving skills.
  8. Ability to successfully work with organizations that have competing requirements.
  9. Detailed knowledge of set up values used in the financials module, the ramifications of set up options with particular emphasis on how financials impacts other modules.
  10. Ability to use PS Query or write and execute SAS queries.
  11. Ability to work with a broad range of personality types in a cohesive and collaborative system.
  12. Evidence of ability to work as an effective team member where larger picture needs often take precedence over the specific priorities of assigned areas.

Additional Candidate Instructions

A complete application consists of:

A cover letter addressing how required qualifications are met
3 Professional References

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Deadline for applications is Sunday, August 29th, 2021.

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Cindy Sanders

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