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Student Hourly - Research Assistant

Bureau of Child Research
University of Kansas Lawrence Campus
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Job Description

Undergraduate Research Assistant to work with graduate students and faculty members in linguistics, assisting with the development and execution of experiments on second language acquisition and the neuroscience of language. Research tasks will involve recruiting participants, experiment scheduling, assisting in data collection and data analysis, and related tasks including literature searches, experiment scheduling, and helping to maintain the Second Language Acquisition laboratory and the Neurolinguistics and Language Processing laboratory.

This position is on-site only.

Required Qualifications

  1. Currently pursuing a degree in Linguistics, Psychology, or Speech-Language-Hearing Science at KU or other closely related disciplines, as shown in application materials.
  2. Excellent written and verbal communication skills, as demonstrated in application materials.
  3. Able to work independently with close attention to detail, as shown in application materials.
  4. Able to work about 10-15 hours a week during Fall 2022 and Spring 2023, with the ability to work on evenings and weekends (for partial testing) while registered as a full-time student at KU, as shown in application materials.
  5. During the semester term of the appointment, the student hourly must be enrolled in no fewer than 6 credit hours. For summer periods the student hourly must:
    1. have been enrolled in no less than 6 hours in the past spring semester or
    2. be pre-enrolled in upcoming fall semester in no less than 6 hours or
    3. be enrolled in summer session or
    4. be admitted to study in the upcoming fall semester. Student Hourlies may be undergraduate or graduate students. (Exceptions granted for GRA/GTA/GA appointments DO NOT apply to Student Hourly appointments).

Preferred Qualifications

  1. Applicant will have already completed an introductory linguistics course, as well as some advanced coursework in disciplines such as linguistics, psychology, or behavioral neuroscience.
  2. Coursework in computer science or experience with data processing, statistics, or computer programming.
  3. Experience with EEG research either through work in a lab or through coursework.
  4. Some knowledge of Spanish.

Additional Candidate Instructions

A complete application will include a cover letter and a resume. Apply online and submit a letter describing your qualifications for this position. Only complete applications will be considered.

Review of applications begins on August 08, 2022 and continues as needed to collect a pool of qualified applicants. To ensure consideration, apply before the application review date.

Contact Information to Applicants

If you are interested in the position or have any questions, please email Alison Gabriele at

Advertised Salary Range


Work Schedule

Varies, 10-15 hours per week

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