Data Assessment and Training Coordinator

Position Overview

The Data Assessment and Training Coordinator serves in a key assessment role related to student standing in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and provides support for student success through analysis of policy and requirement information and orientation headquarters assistance. This position conducts ongoing assessment of all undergraduate students in the College to determine academic standing; and also determines eligibility for the College Dean’s Honor Roll. They are responsible for developing reports and providing data related to the above responsibilities to aid the assistant dean and the College in identifying trends and determining areas for targeted improvements.

This position is also responsible for coordination of all campus partner training services for CUAS, working closely with internal colleagues as well as training participants.

This position may be hybrid, with an option to work remotely up to 2 days per week most weeks, as schedule and peak season workload allow.

Job Description

45% - Determines Academic Standing and Honor Roll Eligibility
Determines academic standing for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

• Conducts a detailed review of all College undergraduate students' academic standing and determines correct status, including dismissal, probation, notice, or good standing (~20,000 students per year).
• Communicates to all students to notify them of their current academic standing.
• Provides regular standing report to assistant dean, advisors and other campus partners regarding students’ standing.
• Conducts monthly review to identify need for additional standing changes due to grade changes and other actions that impact student standing.
• Uploads academic standing at the end of every semester and after 20th day to capture readmitted students or students changing schools into the College.
• Communicates with the Office of the University Registrar to update standing throughout the year and drop schedules for dismissed students.
• Reviews, determines eligibility, and communicates decision for readmission/admission after dismissal applications, including students dismissed from professional schools, or otherwise not in good academic standing.
• Acts on student petitions related to exceptions to readmission and reinstatement policy.
• Trains new staff who work with College students on College academic standing policies and procedures.
• Conducts College academic standing workshops and informational sessions as needed.
• Places and removes College student enrollment holds related to academic standing.

Determines eligibility for College Dean’s Honor Roll
• Conducts a detailed review of all College undergraduate students' academic records at the end of each fall and spring semester and determines eligibility for inclusion in that term’s Dean’s Honor Roll (~20,000 students per year).
• Communicates award to students who have earned Honor Roll each semester.
• Uploads award at the end of every semester to update student’s record to reflect earned Honor Roll status.
5% - Enrollment Holds Management
• Following current policy and academic standing practices, places enrollment blocking holds on students’ records who do not meet set criteria prior to main enrollment.
• Conducts assessment of student policy compliance and removes holds as criteria are met.
15% - Data Support
• Serves as a liaison with the College Data Team regarding reports for the unit.
• Provides data and creates comparison reports related to CUAS initiatives or other reports as needed for assistant dean.
15% - Training Coordinator
• Working closely with CUAS colleagues and assistant dean, coordinates the addition and maintenance of all training related materials for CUAS trainings for new CUAS staff, College faculty leaders, new College administrative staff, and academic advisors.
• Conducts semesterly outreach to determine training needs of campus partner units (College departments, JAA).
• Schedules training sessions and coordinates with CUAS staff to secure presenters and manage content.
5% - Orientation Headquarters Academic Support
• Serves as troubleshooting expert in New Student Orientation Headquarters to assist advisors across campus in resolving advising/enrollment issues during all advising sessions.
5% - Requirements Review in Academic Catalog
• Conducts annual review of CLAS undergraduate catalog content to ensure accuracy and comprehensive inclusion of key information related to College policy and procedures.
• Conducts annual comparison review between catalog requirements and DPR programming to identify any discrepancies.
• Follows up on any discrepancies to initiate corrections that bring both information sources into alignment with each other.
5% - Website Maintenance Content Support
• Conducts routine review of website content to ensure accuracy and comprehensive inclusion of key information related to unit services and referral resources.
• Initiates updates to website with website manager, especially related to change in policy or other governance action.
5% - Other duties as assigned

Required Qualifications

1. Bachelor’s Degree with three years’ experience, OR a Master’s degree with one-year experience in higher education or a similar field.
2. One-year minimum of work experience that demonstrates ability to perform detailed work, prioritize multiple tasks, and meet deadlines.
3. Demonstrated strong communication and organizational skills, and high level of attention to detail as evidenced by experience and application materials.

Preferred Qualifications

1. Comprehensive knowledge of KU and the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences' requirements, policies, and procedures.
2. Demonstrated experience with and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts as evidenced by application materials.
3. Demonstrated experience with data analysis specifically using Excel.

Additional Candidate Instructions

A cover letter addressing how required and preferred qualifications are met.
Resume or curriculum vitae.
Contact information for three professional references.

To ensure consideration, please apply before the initial application review date of June 12, 2023.

Contact Information to Applicants

Karen Ledom

Advertised Salary Range

Minimum $50,000

Work Schedule

Monday - Friday, 8-5

Application Review Begins

Monday June 12, 2023

Anticipated Start Date

Monday July 10, 2023

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Posting Information

  • Posting ID:  25179BR
  • Department:  College of Liberal Arts & Sci
  • Primary Campus:  University of Kansas Lawrence Campus
  • Assignment:  On-Site
  • Reg/Temp:  Regular
  • Employee Class:  U-Unclassified Professional Staff
  • Review Begins:  12-Jun-2023

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