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Position Overview

KU’s Wingspan: Center for Learning and Writing Support offers a portfolio of collaborative, innovative academic support programs and services to students, faculty, and staff. The Wingspan provides individual and group support through its Peer Academic Coaching program, Supplemental Instruction (SI) program, Learning and Tutoring Services, and Writing Center Services. The Wingspan is a part of the University Academic Support Centers (UASC), a comprehensive student support program consisting of two unique centers designed to strengthen the academic skills and written communication of students at the University of Kansas. UASC supports the University’s commitment to the academic success and holistic development of students. UASC programs encourage student participation both in and out of the classroom, support academic and personal development, and link students to other campus and community resources for academic and personal support and development. University Academic Support Centers is a department within Academic Affairs.

Job Description

The PALS Leader will offer Peer Academic Learning Support (PALS) for MATH 115: Calculus I in the Fall 2024. The PALS Leader will be required to attend a class section and then will host multi-faceted academic support opportunities for students to utilize. These support opportunities include: 3 – 5 hours of individual tutoring, 2.5 hours of peer-led group study session time, and finally 1 hour of open study table support. The PALS Leader may also conduct outreach to students enrolled in MATH 115 flagged for performance issues by the faculty member.

The PALS Leader will be required to prepare materials for and facilitate these individual and group academic support opportunities weekly. The PALS Leader is responsible for advertising academic support to students in the course they support, as well as routinely meeting with the faculty member/s teaching their course. Furthermore, the PALS Leader must attend pre-semester training and biweekly meetings focused on ongoing training and professional development.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Must be available to work 13 – 15 hours per week.
  • Required to attend one section of the class lecture times of the course they are supporting.
  • Provide 3 – 5 hours of individual tutoring time to students enrolled in their supported course.
  • Plan and facilitate 2 peer-led study support sessions for an hour and 15 minutes each.
  • Host 1 hour a week of open study table opportunity for students to attend for homework support and/or a body doubling experience.
  • Prepare materials for tutoring and peer-led group study sessions.
  • Ongoing meetings with faculty member/s teaching the assigned course.
  • Promotion and advertising of PALS program to students enrolled in assigned course.
  • 1 – 2 hours a week of student connection and outreach.
  • Must attend mandatory pre-semester training prior to the start of the Fall semester.
  • Must attend biweekly meetings focused on ongoing training and professional development.

Required Qualifications

  • A minimum of a B letter grade in the selected class
  • Current University of Kansas undergraduate student enrolled in six or more credit hours.
  • Strong proven written communication skills as evidenced by application materials.
  • Professor recommendation for class which student is applying for.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience providing academic support to peers.
  • Strong proven verbal communication skills as evidenced by prior work in the interview.
  • Strong proven understanding of peer academic support and learning principles evidenced by interview.
  • An overall GPA of 3.0 or above.
  • A Federal Work-Study (FWS) award for the academic year.

Additional Candidate Instructions

Application deadline is 6/29/2024

Please complete the HR online Application via You do not need to upload a cover letter, but please do upload a copy of your resume.

Please note that there are two parts to the application. The HR application as well as the supplemental application. The supplemental application can be found at:

Contact Information to Applicants

Andrea Dreyer-Isaacson

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  • Posting ID:  27750BR
  • Department:  University Academic Support Ct
  • Primary Campus:  University of Kansas Lawrence Campus
  • Reg/Temp:  Temporary
  • Employee Class:  S-Student

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