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Position Overview

***This job has no guaranteed hours and will have a variable work schedule, we do not recommend this be your only job***

A Special Event Monitor is responsible for providing on-site assistance and supervision for special events and reservations hosted on KU Recreation Services facilities, including: the Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center, Central Field, Shenk Sports Complex, Outdoor Volleyball, Tennis Courts, and/or other designated areas. Special Event Monitors are expected to perform and follow the tasks mentioned in the responsibility areas listed below during a given shift. In each area, a Special Event Monitor shall enforce policies and procedures, and/or complete specific responsibilities so that the KU Community can participate safely in a special event or reservation. Special Event Monitors are needed year-round. Shifts may occur at any time of the day: early morning, afternoon, evening, and late night hours as some events may go all day and/or all night long. Special Event Monitors may be needed to work weekday or weekend hours. Each Special Event Monitor must be certified in CPR/AED within 1 month of hire, training is provided to those not currently certified. Duties include but are not limited to the following:

Job Description

General Responsibilities and Expectations
  • Actively supervise all special event and reservation participants to ensure safety to individuals and KU Recreation Services facilities and equipment
  • Enforcement of all KU Recreation Services facility policies and procedures
  • Completion of all duties assigned by Facility Supervisors, Special Event Program Manager and KU Recreation Services Assistant Director of Outdoor Pursuits and Special Events.
  • Maintain effective and appropriate communication with participants, guests, co-workers, and KU Recreation Services professional staff as needed
  • Provide any equipment, set-up, forms, etc. needed for an event or reservation, as provided by the Special Events Program Manager and/or Assistant Director of Outdoor Pursuits and Special Events
  • Work all shifts as assigned; shifts may also be picked up voluntarily
  • Substitute shifts when available
  • All decisions, actions, and enforcement of policies and procedures must be maintained with a high level of integrity and consistency
  • Attend all scheduled meetings and work-shifts on time, while being ready to learn at work
  • Act with personal responsibility
  • Implement risk management procedures and protocols when necessary

Special Events
  • Exceed customer service expectations
  • Be available (during open hours and outside of building hours) to staff any and all events at ASRFC, Shenk Sports Complex, Central Field, Outdoor Volleyball, and Tennis Courts sites as assigned or scheduled
  • Set up necessary equipment (e.g., tables, bleachers, etc.) for all special events when needed, as well as tearing it all back down, cleaning, and putting things away
  • Conflict-resolution and dealing with on-site issues
  • Complete event monitor reports appropriately with detailed information
  • Ensure all participants have signed a participant waiver
  • Inform participants about their responsibility of maintaining and returning equipment undamaged.
  • Collect and document broken equipment for follow up
  • Identify any hazards that jeopardize the safety of participants and respond appropriately (e.g., slippery surfaces, poor lighting, broken equipment, etc.)
  • Ensure a safe environment exists for patrons through preventative supervision and the ability to cooperate with ASRFC staff as well as law enforcement if necessary
  • File descriptive and accurate reports pertaining to high risk scenarios (e.g., tornado or fire emergency, injury reports, contacting law enforcement if necessary due to violence, harassment, etc.)
  • Decide if an event may proceed or be canceled given the status of inclement weather
  • Disseminate accurate information to patrons
  • Other duties as assigned

Required Qualifications

  • Enrolled in 6 KU credit hours or more for Fall/Spring semester
  • Exhibited good oral communication skills as evident of interview process
  • Flexible work schedule

Preferred Qualifications

  • Work Study eligible
  • Demonstrated customer service experience as evident of application material
  • Proven ability to multi-task as evident of application material
  • CPR/AED certification

Additional Candidate Instructions

Please submit resume and cover letter to online application

Contact Information to Applicants

Contact Information for Candidates:
Kirsten King

Advertised Salary Range

$11.25 per hour

Anticipated Start Date

Friday June 2, 2023

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Posting Information

  • Posting ID:  25300BR
  • Department:  Recreation Services
  • Primary Campus:  University of Kansas Lawrence Campus
  • Reg/Temp:  Temporary
  • Employee Class:  S-Student

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