Undergraduate Research Assistant: Unity Programmer

Position Overview

We are a multi-disciplinary team of researchers investigating how human subjects react to working with human vs AI agents. We are seeking a programmer with Unity game engine experience to assist in programming a VR application that will lead study participants through tasks in the VR environment, and record data on the participant’s behavior.

An initial version of the project has already been implemented and data collected. This next phase will require the design and programming of a new task for participants – likely building from the ground up and borrowing some code from the old project. Your role will be to take specification for the design of the study and architecture of the VR program, and to translate those into functioning C# code.

Job Description

85% - Coding Research Application
  • Writing code to add new features to the research application (C#)
  • Tracking down bugs in existing code, and correcting them (C#)
  • Refactoring existing code to improve structure or clarity (C#)
  • Testing application with VR hardware to ensure correct behavior
  • Researching a given plugin, library, or programming methodology, and then implementing that knowledge in the application
  • Learning new software tools or techniques, as needed
  • Regularly submitting application changes to version control
  • Maintaining professional code comments and structure
  • Creating and updating documentation

15% - Participating in regular planning meetings.

Required Qualifications

  1. Experience with C# and object-oriented programming techniques, as demonstrated in application materials
  2. Some experience with the Unity game engine, as evidenced in application materials
  3. Access to a PC-based personal computer for software development, as evidenced in application materials. The computer must be capable of running the Unity game engine and general 3D software. A Unity developer license will be supplied with the position.
  4. Experience writing well-structured and well documented code, as demonstrated in application materials
  5. Experience with version control systems (git / guthub), and proper updating and documenting of code, as evidenced in application materials
  6. Good English written and verbal communication skills, as demonstrated in application materials
  7. Well organized, self-motivating, and punctual, as evidenced in application materials
  8. During the semester term of the appointment, the student hourly must be enrolled in no fewer than 6 credit hours. For summer periods the student hourly must: 1) have been enrolled in no less than 6 hours in the past spring semester or 2) be pre-enrolled in upcoming fall semester in no less than 6 hours or 3) be enrolled in summer session or 4) be admitted to study in the upcoming fall semester. Student Hourlies may be undergraduate or graduate students. (Exceptions granted for GRA/GTA/GA appointments DO NOT apply to Student Hourly)

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience programming 3D software in the Unity game engine
  • Experience with PC-based VR equipment
  • Experience with 3D modeling and animation
  • An interest in the field of psychology
  • An interest in the field of AI
  • An interest in the field of 3D simulation or game design

Additional Candidate Instructions

A complete application includes a brief cover letter, resume or CV, and example(s) of previous Unity programming work demonstrating coding abilities, or similar materials. Apply online and submit a letter describing your qualifications for this position. Only complete applications will be considered.

To ensure consideration apply before the application review date May 22, 2023. A review of applications will continue until qualified candidates are identified. Anticipated start date is as soon as possible.

Contact Information to Applicants

Prof. Matthew Cook

Work Schedule

Applicant should be able to devote at least 2 hours most weekdays to making progress on assigned tasks.

Applicant must be available to meet for 1-2 hours each week in person on the KU Lawrence campus for a weekly programming check in and testing meeting. Meetings will be scheduled on a weekday, and can be scheduled around other existing obligations.

Applicant should also be occasionally available for additional meetings or testing sessions. These will be scheduled in advance can be scheduled to work around applicant availability.

Anticipated Start Date

Thursday June 1, 2023

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Posting Information

  • Posting ID:  25230BR
  • Department:  Design
  • Primary Campus:  University of Kansas Lawrence Campus
  • Reg/Temp:  Temporary
  • Employee Class:  S-Student

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